Steel Cap Boots and Features

Steel Cap Boots and Features

Steel cap boots are also known by names such as steel-toe boots, or safety boot. This boot is a necessity in some industries. The reinforced steel inside the boot provides a protective covering of steel around the toe area that helps protect the foot in the case of heavy items falling or compression. The steel acts as a shield to help protect the toes from being smashed, punctured or in worst-case scenarios being amputated. The shoe is generally created with steel as a mid layer as to not change the external design or the internal comfort of the shoe.

On average the Steel Cap Boot can protect the foot from an additional 400 pounds of weight if dropped from a 3-foot height. Although items heavier or weights dropped from a higher altitude has reported in breaking the foot it can still help minimize the amount of damage done to the foot or toes.

One of the myths that are often floated around out there with Steel Cap Boots is that it can cause more harm than good with the amputation of the toes if the weight of the object is too heavy or the force is too strong causing the weight to bend the steel and cause the amputation of the toes. This has not only been proven false on numerous occasions but was also proven on a popular television show with the famous Mythbusters. They actually had to use a powerful commercial table saw in order to cut through the steel toe to cause amputation of the toes. Even then the process would be slower allowing the person time to remove the boot from that type of situation. The result was would be amputation regardless of the type of boot you would be wearing only the regular boot would be amputated far easier that the Steel Cap Boots.

Some of the cons about wearing Steel Cap Boots
• They can be slightly heavier than regular boots. Although this won’t be very noticeable at first this can eventually catch up if you do a lot of walking in them.
• Some people have complained about pain from the toes because of the Steel Cap, especially if it is a cheaper boot. This is usually fixed by going up a 1/2 shoe size larger than you would normally wear to prevent that from happening.
• Some people are used to buying shoes that are a little uncomfortable when you buy them knowing they will eventually “stretch”. Don’t buy them if they are not comfortable at the start because the Steel Cap Boots DO NOT stretch.

Overall there are a few cons as to why you shouldn’t buy them but the pros are far more important and numerous. If you are looking at purchasing some Steel Cap Boots I encourage you to do your research prior to making your purchase and don’t overlook quality. You may find them cheaper, and that is fine, but consider comfort as well. Especially, if you will be on your feet a good amount of the day.

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