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St John of God

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St John of God Health Services is a NSW-based major private mental health service provider incorporating:

  • Two hospitals
  • Three medical centres
  • Two counselling and therapy centres
  • An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider
  • Postnatal depression Helpline
  • Community-based accommodation service for marginalised peopleOur Richmond hospital campus sits within spectacular grounds in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and is an easy one and a half hours drive from Sydneys CBD. Our Sydney campus is located in the leafy, inner-western suburb of Burwood.

    St John of God Health Services is part of the worldwide, not-for-profit health services of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God. This Catholic Order now operates 389 centres, hospitals and institutions in 46 countries.

    The Order follows the mission, vision and values of St John of God, a humble 16th century man who, following a torturous experience in a medieval psychiatric hospital in Spain, went on to revolutionise the care and treatment of patients.

    As a mission driven organization with core values of respect, justice, excellence and compassion, our quality services are offered in a warm and supportive environment.
    Our emphasis on our patients being the central focus of all we do is enhanced by the dedication and professionalism of our staff and our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

    Indeed, in 2004, our two hospitals took part in a nationwide client satisfaction study, topping it in nine areas of client satisfaction, mostly notably providing the most helpful group therapy programs for patients. The study, which was designed to aid mental health providers better understand what patients most value during their hospital stays, analysed and compared satisfaction questionnaires returned by patients from 26 Australian mental health facilities over a three months period. To read more about the full results of this survey, please turn to the A message from our CEO section of this website.

    We trust our website provides you with all the information you require. If, after browsing, some of your questions remain unanswered, please dont hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to discuss with you any further queries you may have.

    Happy browsing.


Mary Jane Shoes

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The Story Behind How The Modern-Day, Young Girls’ Shoe Originated – Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes are commonly worn by small, female children to functions in which formal wear is required or suggested. Most of us have seen Mary Jane shoes whether we know it or not, as they are often the go-to for dressing young baby, infant, toddler, and early childhood girls. Common among young girls and young girls only, these shoes are characterized by the low-cut fronts, mid-way rise on wearers’ feet, and a thin strap near the top of the ankle to keep them secured. Even though they seem like a simple shoe — not snazzy, nor attention-grabbing, and unarguably far from outstanding — Mary Jane shoes have one of the lengthiest histories of modern footwear in the United States of America.

In short form, Mary Jane shoes were adapted from a comic strip from the early 1900s. A certain shoe company advertised using characters from the comic strip, gained exposure, and named the shoes “Mary Jane” shoes. Various age groups and demographics wore them depending on the year, largely dropping off in popularity following the 1940s. Children wore them from their origination in the first decade of the 1900s and have ever since.

The New York World newspaper was the first one to feature comic strips, written by Richard Felton Outcault. In 1902, Mr. Outcault began to illustrate and write the new comic Buster Brown all on his own. Many people across the Big Apple, the Empire State, and even the entire United States began to express interest in the comic in the two years following its initial release.

After hearing largely nothing but positive information about Buster Brown from 1902 to 1904. It was in 1904 Mr. Outcault attended the World’s Fair with the intention to distribute the rights to the likeness of the overall comic strip Buster Brown, its main characters, and other related content. Regarded as the creator of the modern-day Sunday newspaper comic strip, Outcault sold these rights to two hundreds companies, seeking out to profit as much as possible from the then-popular comic strip.

The Brown Shoe Company was one of the 200 who had bought the rights to Outcault’s Buster Brown. The business carried out plays using actors and actresses playing its characters to help promote Brown Shoe Company’s shoes. Because the organization was so active in informing people around the nation of its brand and footwear products, Brown Shoe Company was viewed by the public as being the closest to Buster Brown. The company named the kind of shoe worn by Buster and Mary Jane in the comic after the main female character, Mary Jane shoes.

In the 1920s, Mary Jane shoes became popular among grown women. Just 10 years later, men and young males both quit wearing the shoes. In the 1940s, even adult women began showing disinterest in the shoe, marking the end of Mary Jane shoes’ superb reign as most popular. Young girls continue to wear Mary Jane shoes, still wearing them to formal events to this very day.

Steel Cap Boots and Features

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Steel Cap Boots and Features

Steel cap boots are also known by names such as steel-toe boots, or safety boot. This boot is a necessity in some industries. The reinforced steel inside the boot provides a protective covering of steel around the toe area that helps protect the foot in the case of heavy items falling or compression. The steel acts as a shield to help protect the toes from being smashed, punctured or in worst-case scenarios being amputated. The shoe is generally created with steel as a mid layer as to not change the external design or the internal comfort of the shoe.

On average the Steel Cap Boot can protect the foot from an additional 400 pounds of weight if dropped from a 3-foot height. Although items heavier or weights dropped from a higher altitude has reported in breaking the foot it can still help minimize the amount of damage done to the foot or toes.

One of the myths that are often floated around out there with Steel Cap Boots is that it can cause more harm than good with the amputation of the toes if the weight of the object is too heavy or the force is too strong causing the weight to bend the steel and cause the amputation of the toes. This has not only been proven false on numerous occasions but was also proven on a popular television show with the famous Mythbusters. They actually had to use a powerful commercial table saw in order to cut through the steel toe to cause amputation of the toes. Even then the process would be slower allowing the person time to remove the boot from that type of situation. The result was would be amputation regardless of the type of boot you would be wearing only the regular boot would be amputated far easier that the Steel Cap Boots.

Some of the cons about wearing Steel Cap Boots
• They can be slightly heavier than regular boots. Although this won’t be very noticeable at first this can eventually catch up if you do a lot of walking in them.
• Some people have complained about pain from the toes because of the Steel Cap, especially if it is a cheaper boot. This is usually fixed by going up a 1/2 shoe size larger than you would normally wear to prevent that from happening.
• Some people are used to buying shoes that are a little uncomfortable when you buy them knowing they will eventually “stretch”. Don’t buy them if they are not comfortable at the start because the Steel Cap Boots DO NOT stretch.

Overall there are a few cons as to why you shouldn’t buy them but the pros are far more important and numerous. If you are looking at purchasing some Steel Cap Boots I encourage you to do your research prior to making your purchase and don’t overlook quality. You may find them cheaper, and that is fine, but consider comfort as well. Especially, if you will be on your feet a good amount of the day.

Etiquette and the Male Strip Club

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Etiquette and the Male Strip Club

If you recently discovered that you will be attending a male strip club, there are several things you need to understand before you even step foot in the place. The truth is that you want to have fun and enjoy yourself, but you also do not want to make a fool of yourself. Male Strippers Melbourne has put together some tips on etiquette for when you go to a male strip club that you need to remember:

The Dancers
The dancers at a male strip club are there to entertain you. That’s it. Many spend their lives perfecting their dancing skills and, for one reason or another, they chose to work at the club. These men are bad men. They are male dancers who love to show the skills they have learned over the years. Treat them with the respect they deserve and you will have a good time.

The Tips
The male dancers work hard for their money, but you can be guaranteed they don’t get paid enough. They rely on the tips they receive from the members of the audience. In other words, be prepared to spend a few dollars when you go to a male strip club. They’ve spent years learning to dance and entertain and should be rewarded for doing just that.

The Other Women
You will always have other women around you falling into the mentality that the male strippers want to be grabbed and groped. Do not fall into this behavior pattern. The male strippers at Bare Nights are there to show you a good time by dancing on the stage. Even if they come down from the stage, it doesn’t mean that you can manhandle them in front of the audience.

By following the tips above, you can have a great time at a male strip club. The truth is that the club is a great way to enjoy yourself with your friends, no matter what you are celebrating. They are a great way to have fun and be entertained while watching a professional dancer. However, the last thing you want is to go so overboard that you get removed from the male strip club.